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Gather economy and ecology, a successful challenge.

 Laurent Placé     President Laurent placé                            Isabelle Calvi     Communication : Isabelle Calvi

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 Made In France Ekistack

A gap to be filled

The idea of a manufactured mud sill was born a few years ago, when Laurent Placé was still technical-salesman manager in a scaffolding company.

A safety commission asked him to justify the stability of a scaffolding construction.

After seven years at the entertainment department of Disneyland Resort Paris, Laurent Placé was used to solve structural problem of and had knowledge of the absence of normative framing of provisional structures.

How could an item by item controlled structure which is following standards be put on an element without guarantee of resistance?

The need for a normative framed shim referenced with all the items of the structure was obvious.

A real desire to become a contractor

Laurent Placé trained to become a manager, acquired a patent, surrounded himself by a qualified team, filled a lot of forms to obtain grants (in particular Crittmeca Ile de France and Oséo), and set up his business.

The search for a laboratory to build the wedge was hard, but led to a decisive contact. The manufactured mud sills, ensuring technical performance and protection of construction workers, was born.

Safety increased, painfulness reduced

Provided with an abacus distribute the shim out on various types of ground and various climatic conditions, the mud sills are assembled in order to support up to 5.5 tons, which is the maximum loading of a structure.

To know the resistance of the shim, tests have been made: compression, deformation, slip, material adhesion, shocks, heat, cleaner with high pressure, fire (for fireproof option).

Abutments on the top of the shim stabilize the scaffolding. Nails are no longer needed to maintain the base of the structure. Besides to time saving, the painfulness of the work is reduced.


80 % of the wood mud sills are never returned after use.

With their serial number, the Ekistack shims go from a consumable good to a referred product, integral parts of the structure.

Rental equipment can be set up to reply to customer’s request, ensuring fast profitability.

Benefits of the Ekistack shims : storage, ecology and customisation

Like Lego, Ekistack mud sills encase the ones with the other. This makes the storage easier on pallets, for transportation or stock-taking.

They are the solution to the technical constraints defined by Syndicat français de l’Échafaudage du Coffrage et de l’Étaiement and have also been designed for the environmental safeguarding.

The material chosen, containing polyethylene comes from recycling materials and can be recycled after use, even with its fireproofing agent. Ekistack takes the shims back until 3 years after their end-of-circle.

Nowadays, being a new high quality product is not enough; it must be a part of the communication strategy of the company. In this way Ekistack wedges have been made to be a new support of communication. They can wear the colour and the logo of your company.

Creation of Promical, research and development

Promical was first created, in 2009, to create and develop the shims and all the accessories designed to facilitate the use of the mud sills. It exploits the patent.

Creation of Ekistack

Ekistack Company was born in 2010 to market the products developed by Promical and to find new outlets.

The mud sills are now referred in the EDF purchase catalogue (French Electricity Company) to equip their nuclear plants.

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President Laurent placé 

Communication : Isabelle Calvi

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Report of the fireproofed classement

To download the report of the fireproofed pads that you bought, indicate the number of the lot which you will find on the mud sills (example:FEV-2014)

Prices Heavy-Duty mud sills Ekistack

The prices don’t include taxes and transportation

Heavy-Duty mudsill for hard ground

Cale industrie standard16,30€ HT

From 10 mud sills: 14,67 € HT/unity

From 50 mud sills: 13,04 € HT/unity

From 100 mud sills : 11,41 € HT/unity

From 200 mud sills : 10,60 € HT/unity

From 500 mud sills : 9,78 € HT/unity

From 1600 mud sills : 8,97 € HT/unity

From 3200 mud sills : 8,15 € HT/unity

+ Postal charges


Heavy-Duty mud sill for everything type of ground


cale Ekistack

33,00€ HT

Quantity discount

From 10 mud sills: 26,40 € HT/unity

From 50 mud sills : 25,74 € HT/unity

From 100 mud sills :  21,45€ HT/unity

From 500 mud sills :  21,45€ HT/unity

From 1500 mud sills :  18,15 € HT/unity

+ Postal charges


 Fire proof Heavy-Duty mud sills for hard ground

23,30€ HT

Cale Industrie ignifugées 3Quantity discount

From 10 mud sills : 20,97 € HT/unity

From 50 mud sills : 18,64 € HT/unity

From 100 mud sills : 16,31 € HT/unity

From 200 mud sills : 15,15 € HT/unity

From 500 mud sills : 13,98 € HT/unity

From 1600 mud sills : 12,82 € HT/unity

From 3200 mud sills: 11,65 € HT/unity

+ Postal charges